The OKC… Dodgers?

Not living in Oklahoma anymore, I usually miss out on the sports news there. So it was a surprise to me that OKC’s beloved minor league baseball team was bought and renamed.

I fondly remember the 89ers  growing up. Then they changed to the Redhawks AND got a new stadium. I had the unique experience to be in the dugout at the very first home game in the new stadium. Good times.

Now with the new ownership and affiliation came a new name… The Oklahoma City Dodgers.

I like it. It elevates the prestige of the franchise, which it deserves.

So naturally, with OKC getting a new sports face I had to put together a quick wallpaper collection. Enjoy!



desktop-blue desktop-white


ipad-dodgers ipad-dodgers-white


iphone-dodgers iphone-dodgers-white

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