I’ve got OKC Energy!

Thanks to a social media friend, I was pleased to find out that Oklahoma City has a new soccer club! The OKC Energy FC!

OKC Energy FC logo
OKC Energy FC logo

This new USL Pro franchise is affiliated with the Sporting Kansas City, a Major League Soccer club. This association is in hopes that the Energy will become a MLS within the next 10 years.

So being the graphic designer that I am, I researched the Energy’s website curious if they had a page about their logo. And they did! There’s also a video segment (starting at the 1:50 mark) within their press conference explaining how they got the base design. Great stuff! I was impressed with how they came about it and really love the logo.

Major props to the group/agency who put this together. They really thought this through to make it more of a soccer logo and not a lame badge that I’ve seen other clubs wear. This logo definitely stands out among the other USL Pro and fits beautifully among the MLS brands, which was the purpose.

The primary colors are green, blue and white. But I REALLY like the bold, starkness of the green. Kind of like an Xbox green. Not to mention I immediately noticed the circle with stripes hanging down, a reflection of the Oklahoma state flag. The logo’s shield takes the form of an Indian arrowhead, as if striking the ground.

In closing, since I left my hometown in 2000, I am excited about the growth and elevation OKC and Oklahoma has gone through.  It’s things like having new sports franchises, whether they are pro, semi-pro, minor league, whatever, that make me miss home that much more. I will gladly wear my hometown team’s gear here in the DFW area because I’m Oklahoma proud!






and now…




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