I was wrong

OK, I was wrong. Serve me some crow, just throw in some dipping sauce (preferably ranch). But first let me tell ya something….

Back in October, I had some doubts about this 2013 Sooner football squad. We had lost to the horned ones in Texas because of bad playcalling and no offensive identity. As each gameday passed, a player here and a player there were getting injured, depleting our depth. These factors were REALLY getting me down as a fan, as I’m sure a lot of others in Sooner Nation.

After wins against the Mildcats and Cowpukes, OU was looking MUCH better but playcalling was VERY suspect. Then I thought, this team went through a lot and a bowl trip was a deserved reward. Normally, I don’t care about the bowl games unless it’s THE National Championship. I mean who cares if you’re  the “Dorito Bowl Champion”? Schools don’t put that up on their press box.

Then the announcement that OU had been selected for the Sugar Bowl.

I was like, “HUH?!”

Against the SEC’s premier team, Alabama.


My head dropped. I was 100% against this game. It was a bad matchup. Bama had been the favorite to win another championship year after year. And look at their schedule. They were winning each week. Then Auburn came in and stole one away from them. They were 1 SECOND away from the title game. And that was taken away. So now they are pissed and would take it out on whoever in their bowl game to prove a point.


So from December to January, I dreaded the thought of OU getting destroyed by 4 touchdowns and Bama bragging about their superiority over the college football land. Whenever a co-worker brought up the game, I sulked saying, “It’ll be ugly for us”. I repeatedly posted similar sentiments on my social media channels.

So the day arrived.

I distracted myself as I usually do with Call of Duty, family, and sleep. But I was excited to see Sooner Football again, after all it was my first season as a season-ticket holder. I made my game snacks of beer and chips. Nothing fancy.

Kickoff! I watched with my head tilted expecting a bloodshed to happen any minute. But there wasn’t any. As each quarter unfolded, I was clearly impressed, shocked and ecstatic because:

  • Trevor Knight played lights out
  • offense was clicking
  • defense was salty
  • playcalling was beautifully called depending on each situation

Next thing I know, I’m watching a Crimson team OWN another team in crimson as I expected, but it was MY SOONERS MANHANDLING THE TIDE.

Players were jumping around. Sooner fans cheering in the stands. And crimson and cream confetti was raining down over Coach Stoops and the team as they held up the Sugar Bowl trophy.

We won! By 14 points! The most allowed by Bama in a looooooong time. Stoops walks out as the only coach in the BCS era to win every BCS bowl.

I was tweeting my ass off. Then I realized… *gasp*… I was wrong. So I thought I’d man up and post this blog.

I’ll eat your crow with ranch sauce. And as I swallow each bite, I’ll do it gladly because I learned…

  • Trust in Stoops
  • We have a new QB for the future
  • Most importantly: We beat Bama AND Saban. Badly.



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