Xbox One Tour (Dallas) impressions

The boy and I got back from the Xbox One Tour in Dallas. Good turnout on a Sunday at mid afternoon. We rolled in and played several of the games on hand; Battlefield 4, Dead Rising 3, Peggle 2, Skylanders, Killer Instinct, Crimson Danger, Kinect Sports Rivals, Lococycle, RYSE, Forza 5, FIFA 14, Zoo Tycoon and a few more. The bit was to play at least 9 games, get a stamp for each game on your prize card and put it in for a chance to win an X1. Done. So i’m waiting to get notified.

Killer Instinct – not my thing, but it was fun. good game to show off the console’s specs.

Lococyle – a cross between a driving game and a button masher. interesting concept just not enough to pull me in.

Forza 5 – again, not my thing, but cars are well designed. smooth colors and nice detail.

Crimson Dragon – kinda cool. playing as a dragon and fighting other dragon monsters. sort of a flight simulator fighting game.

Dead Rising 3 – I love this series. Pretty fun. i ran around and punched, slashed and fucked up every zombie i could. at one point i took an ambulance and jumped a ramp onto a HORDE of zombie-filled intersection. the game kinda froze at that point. i guess it couldn’t adjust to that many animations and destruction. but it was cool. as was the flame thrower to make my way through a street-full of the undead.

RYSE – pretty epic. great designs, fighting, and attention to detail. a must buy imho.

Battlefield 4 – this game was loaded with detail and sound. should give COD a run for its money.

that’s it. i was disappointed there was no Ghosts or Madden. the new controller fit and handled better in my hands. i’d like to know how quiet the console was but there was too much music blasting. with all that said, i’m still not 100% sold it’ll be my next console.

a few photos…..

the x1 truck outside the event:

my son playing:

the xbone and kinect under plastic:

lines to RYSE and Battlefield 4:

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