What to expect from my upcoming website change

Well, very few things will change. But I am going to simplify my website’s layout to focus on the wallpaper. I started looking at the walls I had now, and it started me thinking about the designs I had and where I wanted to go. So I made a few choices based on the challenges I have when building wallpaper:

  1. Source material. Trying to find large, good quality photos can be difficult. Most of it is protected or hidden in sub-directories.
  2. Size. Everyone has some kind of personal computer. Their displays vary, but most (if not all) are widescreen. When I build a new wallpaper, it’s going to be widescreen and large enough that hopefully anyone can use it and ‘crop’ to their specific desktop size.
  3. Time. This has 2 meanings for me. The first is my personal time. I am a family man with a day job, both of which take up my free time and are distractions. Pretty typical and understandable I would think. The second meaning is ‘the now’. I like to keep my content current. Some of my wallpaper that I’ve linked are dated and old. Would anyone use the 2006 schedule wallpaper? Probably not. Which leads to what to expect on my website….

I will start removing dated wallpapers (i.e.  schedules, RRR/RRS, championship walls) from my website and keep the general stuff up (logos, players, themes). Now this will make some holes in my site, so I will start being more active in creating new stuff. If you would like an old wallpaper that I’ve taken down, send me an email of what it is and I’ll send it to you (if I can find it).

Jersey wallpaper on iPhone (ios7)
Example: Jersey wallpaper on iPhone (ios7)

Also, I’ll be taking requests again for custom jersey wallpapers. Send me an email (oukingpen at gmail dot com), a tweet (Follow me on Twitter) or message on facebook (here or my page) with what you want. Please include what you prefer: home or away jersey, number, size of your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

So that’s it. A simpler look, trimming down the old wallpaper to make room for newer ones and taking requests for jersey wallpapers. I’m finishing up the layout and I hope to launch in August sometime. The launch WILL include new 2013 schedule wallpaper.


2 thoughts on “What to expect from my upcoming website change

    1. wow, hadn’t thought about it. the challenge is the photos are too small for that size. but I can make something for ya.

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