First wallpaper for the iPhone 5

OK, I’m excited for the iPhone 5 coming out (though I’m still happy with my iPhone 4), and I wanted to create a quick wallpaper for the new, taller display.

It is 640 pixels wide by 1136 pixels tall, and a 326 dots per inch high resolution image, unlike the 640×960 px; 72 dpi resolution for the iPhone 4.

If you are getting the iPhone 5, please install this wallpaper and tweet me  a screenshot of how it looks.

Thanks and enjoy!


Update: After getting my iPhone 5 and testing this wallpaper, I didn’t like how in the lock screen the beginning and end of Sooners was essentially getting cut off. So I shrunk it down to be more noticeable when shoving your new iPhone in those dirty Lonwhorn faces. Or whatever.


iphone 4

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