Dear Sonic Fans, “GET OVER IT!” Signed, Thunder Nation

Dear People of Seattle & former Sonic Fans,

We’ve read numerous news articles and social media posts about how bitter you are about our Oklahoma City Thunder. Well we’re here to help you.

Let’s start by asking…. WHY? Is it because they lost… a lot, while in Seattle? Is it because you didn’t buy tickets and attend the games regularly no matter what? Is it because the ownership changed from one idiot to another? Is it because the Seattle legislators didn’t approve arena renovations, OR a new arena? If you’re not sure, watch the independent documentary called “Sonicsgate” made by one of your very own and details all of the above quite well.

Now, you’re probably going to ask “what’s next”? There’s plenty of options, like swearing off the NBA because you still have the Seahawks and Mariners. You can support the nearby Trailblazers, although that’s more or less what you’ve had before with the Sonics. Or, you can accept the Thunder as your new team and watch them write a new chapter in NBA history.

Now don’t feel bad and there’s no need to thank us. The important thing is you learn from your mistakes. We’re sure that the Thunder’s recent success of beating last year’s NBA champion Mavericks, then heavy weights Lakers and Spurs to claim the Western Conference Title can possibly sting. But thankfully time will heal all wounds. Right?

If by chance you are still upset that your franchise abandoned you and went on to greater success, well, the last thing OKC fans can say is…

Get Over It!


Thunder Nation

NBA Team Map
NBA Team Map

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