Post Game: OU/Tulsa

I’m starting a post-game blog with thoughts, random observations, or unique finds on the innerwebs that are all about the game or Sooners. I’ll try to be consistent about it so bear with with me.

First up…

The Game.

As I tweeted, after waiting for 8 months for OU football I wouldn’t mind having an 11AM kickoff just this one time. But alas, it wasn’t my call.

Tom Wort, this week's defensive player honored to wear Austin Box's #12, led the team on the field for the first game of the 2011 season.

After the long wait, it was finally, FINALLY, “Football Time in Oklahoma”! The Sooners performed as they should. Fired up (Thanks in part to The Ultimate Warrior’s message to Tom Wort), prepared, and showed no mercy. There was some sloppiness and a few busted defensive plays that lead to Tulsa’s scores, but overall the “sharks” attacked with purpose.

On offense, Landry and Ryan showed they were still a threat. The question was the runningback committee and how effective it would be. Well, it was VERY effective. Brennan Clay and Dominique Whaley were the co-starters and became a hard-hitting 1-2 punch, especially Whaley. This was his coming out party. Folks, we will control and win a lot of games this year having those 2 in the backfield, PLUS having a slasher like Roy Finch.

The final score, 14-47, and a statement that Oklahoma is back and like every year, a serious contender for the National Championship game.

The Intro Video.

Every game starts out with the much anticipated “Intro Video” to fire up fans in the stands. This was (in my humble opinion) one of their best and shows why they win national awards in video production. I have a buddy who works in the Sooner Vision department and props to him and the crew. AWESOME JOB!  Here’s the video in case you haven’t seen it…

The Decal.

OU helmet decals

I’ll keep this brief. I was told the decal would change and why, and I’m OK with that. It’s a little disappointing but totally understand the reason.


4 thoughts on “Post Game: OU/Tulsa

    1. Sorry for the late reply.

      I was told they were changing it. Long story and don’t want to dwell on it. But I was acknowledged and an explanation was given. It’s all good though. No harm done. 🙂

  1. Good write up. I’m not mad about the TD’s we gave up b/c they were busted plays as mentioned & those will happen unfortunately but they will be addressed & corrected IMO. The big thing for me is our running game. With Whaley running the way he did, Clay not only running well but looking like a viable receiving option out of the backfield & the insane explosiveness of Finch, I believe WE MUST redshift Brandon Williams. To save a year of elgibilty for him would be huge IMO. I would hate to see him in a very limited role especially in games we ate already leading by a wide margin. I’m curious to see how that pans out. Miller’s hands were kinda iffy and Franks looked better & faster. The speed of our offense getting to the line was uncanny as well & to think….Kenny wasn’t even playing. This offense is scary good. OL played better then expected & our D kept everything infront of them as well as tackled well. Can’t wait to go to FSU and see how they try to defend us.

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