So Humbled.

I’m your typical guy I think. Married with children, trying to make ends meet.

I love college football.

I love doing graphic and web design.

So I combined those passions and created my online alter ego… King (last name) + pen (drawing tool) = Kingpen.

Then add on I’m an alumnus of the University of Oklahoma (Class of 1995!), who loves him some Sooner Football, then my identity changes to OUKingpen.

OK, too much back story.

As every Sooner-lovin’ Okie would do, he follows anything about his team: TV, newspaper, blog, forums, Youtube, twitter, facebook, etc. Just recently, ESPNU followed the Sooner Football team for an All-Access show. Sounded awesome! The episodes ran for a week, and I unfortunately missed them but was able to DVR at least one.

The Video:

One week later (today), I get around to watching this episode on a quick lunch break at home. It begins with how the team will handle the loss of Austin Box and what they are going to do to remember him this season.

Now, being a fan of sports (especially college football as stated above), I hate to hear about an athlete’s injury. And hearing the news about Austin’s death back in May, of course made me (and Sooner Nation) sad for his family, friends and teammates.

On that day in May, I came home after work and quickly created a simple graphic. Just something to remember him. I posted it first here on my blog, then shared it on my Twitter and Facebook for others to use. Oklahomans know how to come together, and this is no different despite it being social media.

As I continued watching this ESPN special, it was then I saw HOW the 2011 Oklahoma Sooner Football Team was going to honor Austin…

A helmet decal.

Not your standard black, round sticker with a white 12. Or even initials.

This decal is my logo. MY logo.

Of all the images to use… of all the options to honor #12…  this logo would represent the memory of Sooner Linebacker, Austin Box and to never forget. For this season. At least 12 games.

I don’t know how it happened. There was no contest. No connections inside the university, athletic department, staff or players. No email request. It was just… there.

My reaction was, “………… WHAT?!…………”

I just sat there with sandwich in hand, shredded turkey out of mouth, thinking and staring (because I had to pause it).

To some, it’s just a picture. But to me, a graphic designer… an alumnus… a lover of  Sooner Football… This! This was my highlight reel. MY Superman Play!

Being on an official, authentic uniform of the team I love and support. Is one thing.

But being the identifying mark, a symbol, of Austin Box’s life here on earth. You can’t describe that feeling.

And I’ll be honest, and you can call me crazy… I got (and still am) emotional about it. I really did well up.

Now, what do I do about it? Do I cash in and ask my beloved university to pay for the use of my logo? What kind of person, no… what kind of ALUM would I be to do that? What would you do?

I’m a Sooner!

And I am SO humbled.





9 thoughts on “So Humbled.

  1. Dude, I so know how you feel! I truly am excited (if that’s the proper term) and happy for you. The reason for the helmet decal is one that I am sure you would trade in to have Box back, but it really is a humbling thing. Good on you! You deserve it.



  2. Awesome! What a killer story. If your statement above is true then the answer is obvious. Voluntarily sign and send a letter to them explaining the situation. No questions asked. It might be tempting to try to cash, but likely will lead you down a road you don’t want to go down. Stay humbled, and at the same time proud. Do it right and things will turn out fine. Do it wrong and you may lose the thing you love. You can’t by back a love for the Sooners.

    I’m sure the sharks will have a different opinion.

  3. Kingpen good stuff. I really love the logo. I need to link you article to my site. Just to help spread it. It’s great to be a Humble Sooner, but damn, it IS hard.

  4. First of all, great job on creating the helmet decal. You are right to feel proud, and also right to not try to “cash in” on the credit.
    Excellent blog, my congratulations.

    Not in any way attacking you, but a bit of constructive criticism, (and as an OU grad, I am sure that you are always trying to improve your product): In the first sentence of your blog, you used the contraction “you’re” instead of the possessive adjective “your”.
    By using “you’re”, you essentially said, “I’m you are typical guy, I think.

    I hope that you take this input in the spirit in which it is offered, and learn from it.

    – Not a grammar Nazi, just hate to see words misused.

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