Kneejerk Reaction: Sooners v. USU

Taking the field
The 2010 Sooners entered the field, knowing it would be a cake walk. Right?

After a dismal and forgettable 2009 season, fans were pumped to watch an improved, experienced and HUNGRY Sooner squad to take the field Saturday night. The expectation: OU would dominate and take apart some team from Popcorn State.

Many of us are still waiting for that dominant Sooner team after witnessing their close win over Utah State.

Yes, the mighty Aggies from the state of Utah (sheesh) gave OU a run for it’s money.

Fans are asking: “Uh… Wha?”

The Ags came out ready and not in Norman just for a paycheck. Which can’t be said for Stoop’s Troops, who looked less than excited to be there. Was it lack of energy? That gi-normous pre-game buffet?

Whatever it was, the Crimson Machine was not firing on all cylinders. Quarterback Landry Jones looked worse than last year. He was less than 50% on completions, inconsistent in his throws and made some poor decisions. Jones even stared down receivers, telegraphing nearly every pass play.  It was reminiscent of former Sooner, Nate Hybl. But Hybl had a great cast around him during his time. But for Jones? It’s good, but it’s too early to tell who will step up.

Thankfully, a handful of Sooners did come to play.

Reliable running back DeMarco Murray was one of 2 blankies for Mr. Jones. The senior from Las Vegas carried the ball for over 200 yards and helped (almost single hand-idly) keep drives alive by moving the chains. It was good to see Murray rebound from a bad injury last year and have a great game against the utes.

Ryan Broyles diving
Ryan Broyles' hands and agility kept the Sooners scoring.

Then there was good ole #85. Ryan Broyles’  hands and agility were MUCH needed (pictured left). Broyles showed why he was Jones favorite target, just like last year. Of course, future opponents know this as well and will be targeting on shutting him down.

On defense, big props to middle linebacker, Tom Wort, who DID come to play! His energy rivaled everyone on the team. Yeah, it was probably too much when he laid the wood on USU’s  QB. But in this Sooner fan’s opinion, it was necessary. The energy, not the hit.

This game should have been a slap in the Sooner’s face. I’m assuming Stoops will be calling out everyone during film study. FSU is only days away and there are numerous problems to fix in a short amount of time. If we don’t see an improvement, it will be a loooooooooooong rebuilding season.

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